Energy Code Compliance

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Energy Code Compliance

The new home industry has been consistently changing over the years. Comfort, Health, and Energy usage have been on the drawing board and under the microscope in labs across the country. Energy Codes have been modified every 3 years in efforts to make homes as efficient as possible. These codes are validated through inspections and diagnostic testing by companies like ours.

Southern Valley Services provides independent third-party energy code compliance verification and testing to meet the International Energy Conservation Code of Alabama.

International Energy Conservation Code (IECC) inspections are to ensure that required materials and equipment are properly installed at a residential or commercial site and are in accordance with the approved building plans and documentation for that site.

During the plan analysis process, the specifications being installed pertaining to energy code compliance are recorded then the proper compliance reports are provided. Southern Valley Services’ certified energy code inspectors use this information in the field to ensure that all of the features are being installed per the energy report and the building complies with the local or national codes.

As one of the area’s premier home energy rating and independent third-party energy code inspection and testing providers, we have inspected, tested, rated, and verified thousands of homes for numerous home owners, homebuilding and commercial companies all over the state of Alabama and Middle Tennessee.

Southern Valley Services has a successful strategy to distinguish ourselves in an extremely competitive marketplace. As previous home builders we understand what our clients value. We specialize in keeping your project compliant without slowing down production. Services include energy modeling, ACCA Manual J, D, S, T, energy code inspections, testing, and energy star building verification.

Builders, your search for energy-efficient solutions is over! To learn more, take a look at our residential services listed below. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just call us at (256)444-0544 or Click here to schedule an Energy Code Inspection.

Energy Modeling

This service is often referred to as the "plan review or plan analysis" stage. During the beginning stages of the construction process, it is critical to have your construction documents reviewed and approved in a timely manner, with no unnecessary delays. We will work closely with you to analyze your buildings specifications, and assist you in finding the most cost-effective alternatives for building energy-efficient housing.

Energy Code Inspections & Testing

As dictated in the 2015 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), energy code testing is required for all residential single-family construction in Alabama permitted after October 1, 2016, Southern Valley Services does this all day, 5 days a week. Our certified staff can perform the necessary duct blower and blower door tests to keep your project compliant, without slowing down your production.

ACCA Manual J, D & S

To meet energy code an ACCA Heating and cooling equipment is to be sized per ACCA Manual S based on loads calculated per ACCA Manual J or other methods approved by the code official. 

For a system to be sized correctly a Room-by-Room Heating and Cooling Load calculation must be conducted followed by Duct Design, then sizing the system based Manual S.  Many new homes being built have heating and cooling systems do not meet this requirement. 

Southern Valley Services is Certified by ACCA to perform the manual J, D, S & T and has performed hundreds for our clients.

Click here to schedule an Energy Code Inspection 

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