Quality Assurance Program

Increase Homeowner Satisfaction and Reduce Warranty Costs by utilizing Southern Valley Service’s Quality Assurance Inspections

Quality Assurance Program

Most builders want to provide a quality home for their clients. But in today’s market most site supervisors are busy managing the scheduling of their tradesmen and providing the right amount of materials for the job. They have little time to monitor the quality of the work.

Hire Southern Valley Services with over 40 years construction experience to conduct a Final Quality Inspection (QI).  Our inspectors follow the National Association of Home Builders’ Residential Construction Performance Guidelines as well other industry standards. The QI inspection is an intense inspection that is conducted at final. The goal is to inspect a few weeks prior to closing so that all deficiencies can be addressed, so the buyer finds little or no items to be corrected during their walk through.  This process significantly increases customer satisfaction and reduces warranty costs.

Our detailed inspection reports include descriptions and photos and are emailed after each inspection. The report can be segregated by trade and emailed directly to tradesmen if desired.  Daily and weekly reports are available to help site supervisor follow up on open items and monthly reports enable Builder to track the performance of your trades and hold them accountable for meeting your contracted quality standards.

Southern Valley Services’ Quality Inspections add objectivity and third-party validation that can be difficult to maintain internally. Inspections are scheduled with adequate time for complete, thorough inspections and have comprehensive inspection lists that can be customized for each builder or subdivision.

Benefits of using Southern Valley Services Quality Assurance Services

  • Inspect over 400 quality points (differs depending on plan)
  • Objectively inspects to the Residential Construction Performance Guidelines
  • Utilizes auto-generated detailed reports of results and trends
  • Can conduct customized inspections and produce customized reports
  • Saves on post-closing repairs
  • Significantly reduces warranty call-back costs
  • Increases customer satisfaction

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